Post Tan Instructions

  • Avoid sweating & all forms of water and liquids while you are processing.
  • If you did not add on our setting powder please stay in dark loose fitted clothing until after your rinse.
  • At the time instructed by your technician please rinse the bronzer off.  Do not leave this on longer than 24 hours.
  • Your first rinse should be nothing more than a 1- 2 minute cool to luke wam water rinse with no products at all, just rinse the bronzer off. You will see some brown in the water this is normal.
  • ALWAYS PAT DRY, DO NOT RUB & then moisturize after any showers while you have a spray tan on your body.
  • Moisturizing will help with fading and will prolong your tan.
  • After your rinse you can shower normally from here on out just wash with a clear mild moisturizing shower gel and your hands do not use anything abrasive or exfoliate.
  • Please make sure you are using natural or organic products on your tan, sunless tans are very delicate and you do not want to put chemicals on them. This will help extend the life of your tan.
WAIT 24- 48 HOURS TO SHAVE– When you do shave use a new razor blade (without a mineral strip) and hair conditioner to shave with. This is more hydrating for your skin and will help protect the spray tan. Just apply light pressure.
Exercising within the first 36 hours after a spray is not recommended. EXERCISING BEFORE YOU RINSE THE BRONZER OFF MAY CAUSE STREAKING. Please do your first rinse before you exercise and then apply a natural lotion.
After 5-10 days, depending on your speed of fading, GENTLY exfoliate your skin (head to toe) each day so that your tan fades evenly. If your tan is fading in patches or is getting blotchy it is time to exfoliate it off.